UM Libraries 3D Print Request Form

Minimum print size = 1.0” x 1.0” x 1.0” or 2.54cm X 2.54cm X 2.54cm
Maximum print size = 11.2” X 6.0” X 6.1” or 28.5cm X 15.3cm X 15.5cm

Single Color Print Job

Dual Color Print Job

**NOTE**: ONLY for jobs that are configured for dual extruder and ABS plastic. Library staff WILL NOT make any changes to a job once submitted. If your model is configured for single color only, the model will only be printed using the color selected for Dual Layer Color 1

*** Please submit in .stl format ***

(PLEASE NOTE: With our first-come, first-serve policy, and the fact that some objects can take many hours to print, we can not promise any object can be printed by a certain date).

COST: $0.20/gram

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